Fake Caller  (iPhone Application)
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Gets you out of that sticky situation!!
Have you ever wanted to get out of that boring meeting or bad date? Did you ever wish you received a phone call to help save you from a sticky situation?  If so, this application is just want you need.  Click one of the Quick Save buttons for 10, 20 or 30 seconds of delay before the phone rings or configure a custom delay or specific time.  You can use your address book to select a contact person that shows up when your "fake" phone call rings.

All updates to this program will be free.

- select and save wallpaper
- select and save contact from address book
- Virtually identical iphone UI
- Selectable time or delay based callback
- QuickSave buttons for minimal startup
- Many more features brewing in the next version

Don't forget to keep this app handy to help you out of your next situation.